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Sing to enchant Travellers into the cave of no return. Survive as long as possible playing as a Banshee.

This game was created for Brackeys Game Jam #2.


Movement: WASD (Arrow keys bugs the movement DON'T USE THEM)

Sing: Space Bar / LMB

Tools used:

  • Unity 2018.3
  • Blender
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

A game by Virtual Phenix Games :

Micah Paul Davis Duke  of Design 🤴

Manuel Rodriguez Count of Code 🎖️ // Manurocker95

Javier Salcedo  Viceroy of VFX 👑 // LudusEstArs

Ricardo Barajas Archmage of Art 🧙//  Barryck


Lilyth.rar 84 MB

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